The bouquet of this wine approaches perfection. The nose of undergrowth mingles with aromas of flowers, red berry fruit and leather, in an overall impression of extraordinary and moving delicacy.


1953 is one of the greatest vintages of Château Margaux; it expresses, in any case, in a particularly perfect way, the genius of its terroir. The wine displays both an incomparable level of finesse and subtlety and a richness which enables it to remain incredibly fresh today.

On the palate, we sense a measured, restrained power, which has developed over the years, to give a supreme form of smoothness and tenderness. The finish is starting to dry out slightly. Maybe we should think about drinking this magnificent wine. - October 2018

Growing Conditions

The fantastic month of August, really very hot and dry, decided the privileged fate of this vintage.


September was normal, and it rained a little during the harvest, but it was too late to affect the quality of the grapes, which were already ripe and concentrated.

The picking began 26th September.