1928 and 1929, what a fabulous pair of vintages! To find successive years of such high quality, we had to wait about sixty years until 1989 and 1990; though, at Margaux, we could also mention 1982 and 1983. The wines made in the 1928 vintage were, right from the start, incredibly powerful and concentrated, often even hard and austere, which explains why 1928 was overshadowed by 1929 which had an almost immediate attraction.

Château Margaux 1928 is an outstandingly great wine and is today perhaps superior to the 1929, since it has, on the whole, aged better. There is more consistency in the bottles, the wine has lost its hardness, but has kept an absolutely extraordinary freshness and richness. It may not have the great finesse of a bottle of 1929, but its freshness is far greater. Without going as far as to say that we still have to wait to drink it, we think its potential for ageing is almost in tact. Like 1870 and 1900, this wine seems to have been made for eternity.

Growing Conditions

It was marvellous weather, practically from the flowering to the harvest, which allowed the grapes to attain an outstanding level of concentration as well as ripeness.


The picking began 25th September.