The 2001 Château Margaux clearly confirms its status as a very fine vintage. It can be likened to the 99, both by its great aromatic finesse and its tannic texture, which is so tender and harmonious. What more can we find to say about the sheer pleasure we are already experiencing, drinking these two wines? We are convinced that this early development of the wine, simply the result of perfect ripeness in the grapes, will bring us many years of drinking pleasure. We can therefore drink the 2001 quite early and enjoy the freshness and purity of the fruit (why resist the temptation?) or for those of us who prefer to wait, it can be laid down 10 to 15 years to allow the finesse of the bouquet to develop as the wine matures. While many aspects of the wine will develop, its balance, though, will remain. - October 2018

Growing Conditions

The unusual delay in the harvest compared to the expected date at the time of flowering cannot be explained very simply. Perhaps the climatic conditions were particularly favorable for the vegetative growth of the vines and a detriment to fruit ripening. Thanks to a generally favorable September, the grapes were nevertheless able to reach, in general, a good level of maturity. In a few plots, however, the Cabernet Sauvignon was not able to ripen perfectly. The Petit Verdot, on the otherhand, though later-ripening, achieved remarkable ripeness, even better than in 2000.

After a very rainy winter, the flowering went quickly and evenly. During the entire summer, there were unusually alternate periods of hot and cool, dry and wet weather, which encouraged vegetation growth and slowed ripening.


We harvested eight days behind schedule but in fine weather. The picking began on 1st October.