About Region Guides

Easy to understand & accurate resource

The guide is a dynamic digital guide created by Wine Folly. It features dynamic information provided directly from the wineries.

Wine Folly Guides will exist for years to come and continue to evolve over time with new articles and data. The data updates every time a winery updates their information.

Our purpose

To remove the barriers of entry to wine discovery by providing tools to learn about and explore the world’s wines, wineries, and regions.

Whether you're pursuing a career in wine, or simply want to plan a wine country vacation, Wine Folly Guides offer useful guidance to understanding a place and exploring its wines.

How it’s built

Wine Folly Guides are dynamically built. So, if you’re following a wine region, you'll be the first to find out about new wines and wineries. What’s amazing, is the guides are powered by the producers.

For accuracy, each region guide is created in close cooperation with the regional wine authority. This dynamic, expert-powered guide is made for wine lovers to discover amazing wines and wine regions on their own.

Wine Folly Guides are powered by Global Wine Database, a sister company of Wine Folly.


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