Today, it displays a fine, deep, complex bouquet.


It is quite long on the palate, it lacks a little density and flesh, but finishes with elegance. To be enjoyed now. - October 2018

Growing Conditions

After an early flowering, the summer was very favourable, with hot, dry weather. September was particularly hot, which allowed the grapes to reach an excellent level of ripeness. But as from 5th October, it did not stop raining for three weeks.


The 1964 vintage left its mark on the Bordeaux wine region : those wine growers who had finished harvesting before the rain set in, were so relieved that for many years they chose the easy option of always picking early; those producers who harvested after the rain, swore that they would never get caught out again... This great fear pushed many wine growers into rushing the start of picking for many years, which perhaps explains why certain vintages like 1970 and 1975, which were harvested hastily, were a little disappointing. At Château Margaux that year, we rushed slowly... About half of the crop was harvested before the rain, the other half, unfortunately, in the rain and painfully. The incessant rain caused a rapid decline in the health of the crop; the last grapes brought in were severely affected by rot.

The picking began 21st September.


Château Margaux 1964 carries the trace of this mixed parentage : it is a very good wine, but could have been a great one.