Its bouquet is unique : over the smell of undergrowth, so characteristic of the great wines of that era, comes a layer of indescribable fruity and floral fragrance... Smelling this wine is a moment of unforgettable excitement, of pure emotion!


It has sometimes been said that 1961 was the greatest vintage since 1900. Our memory does not always serve us well, but there is no doubt that this vintage displays quite extraordinary qualities, which we would not find again until the 1982 vintage.

Château Margaux 1961 is a sumptuous wine, at the same time soft, harmonious, rich, very dense and full of freshness.

The sensations that come through on the palate are a harmonious match to the aromatic festival on the nose : its tannic density asserts itself smoothly and delicately, the finish is a strong and yet tender caress. A really wonderful wine. Today, the 1961 has lost none of its freshness, keeping in mind the magnums are showing more consistency than the bottles. Of course, it can be opened now, but it was built for eternity... - October 2018

Growing Conditions

A sharp spring frost and exceptional "coulure" due to an intensely cold spell at the end of May drastically reduced the crop size. Then, the wonderful weather conditions during the summer, which was particularly dry and hot, enabled this small crop to reach really extraordinary ripeness and concentration.


The picking began 19th September.


1961 not only benefited from remarkable weather conditions, but also from the first achievements of what was called "modern oenology" under the inspiration of Professor Ribereau Gayon and Doctor Emile Peynaud.