The wine offers up a beautiful mandarin liqueur aroma and an oaky touch with a pastry note.


Very rich and generous on the palate, yet retaining wonderful acidity. This wine is characterised by a balanced style and beautifully lingering finish.

Growing Conditions

The spring of 2018 was marked by complicated weather conditions that prevented large production quantities but did not have any impact on quality. Botrytis cinerea (also known as ‘noble rot’) was delayed but finally arrived in the last week of September. The appellation was affected by hailstorms, but Château d'Arche came through unscathed. 2018 offers a particularly rich, fresh wine.


September 25th to October 2018


In temperature-controlled vats


12 to 18 months in oak barrels, (1/3 new oak)

Food Pairing

Chicken roasted, asian food, blue cheeses, desserts