The depth of the dress, bouquet, where the balance of wood and red fruits are at par, the melted tannins, all is here !

Growing Conditions

2003 was a very hot and sunny year in France. The wines of this vintage are full of sun with a nice complexity. Château Lalaudey 2003 is exactly like that.

- Terroir : Croup Bouqueyran, serious Pyrenean Tertiary origin.

- Area: 8.7 ha in production

- Density: 6600 plants / ha - 10 000 plants / ha


Hand picked, late at optimum ripeness

- Yield: 40 hl / ha


Light filtration to bottling


Sorting in the vineyard, sorting after de-stemming, no crushing,
maceration, pumping and power cuts.

Long fermentation.


- 100% French oak barrels of high forest

- 8 different coopers

- 50% and 50% new oak wine

- 14 months to 18 months of aging

Food Pairing

It's gourmand, it's fresh, it's perfect with a nice piece of red meat and roasted potatoes.