Approach is attractive with aromas of violets, which is rare, and small woodland which allows to this wine to be unique.


The shade of its palate is gourmand with a nice classicism sign of quality. This is a wine which has complexity and structure but also velvet and finesse.

Growing Conditions

- Terroir : Bouqueyran Hill, tertiary gravels (Pyrenean gravel).

- Surface : 13,86 ha in production

- Density : 6 600 to 10 000 vines per hectare


Manual harvest at the best of maturity.

- Production : 35 hl per hectare


Light filtration before bottling


Selection in the vineyard and after destalking. No crushing, maceration prior to fermentation, mixing and racking.
Long fermentation of skins.


- 100 % high quality French oak barrels

- 8 different coopers

- 50 % in new barrels and 50 % in one wine barrels

- 14 to 18 months of ageing


The color of this Château Lalaudey 2006 is ruby and seems to be silky.