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A brief history

Between Margaux and Saint-Julien, on the highest ridge of the AOC MOULIS, Châteaux Lalaudey and Pomeys have established facilities combining tradition and modernity in order to offer the best of their terroir.

Everything is implemented to reach high quality :

Herbicides are prohibited to revive the ancient practice of tillage.
Friendly viticulture, pest management control, leaf removal, green harvest, plot selection, manual harvests, double sorting.
A vat room of 18 temperature-controlled concrete vats.
Two truncated cone shape wooden vats of 50 hl, thermo-regulated also.
A cellar with perfect hygrometry thanks to a natural ventilation.
A particular attention is made for the barrels choice coming from 8 different coopers.
The Grands Crus winemaker, Eric BOISSENOT, offers his advices for wine making and blending while the company BIOVITIS assists our team in growing vines.
Located on the lands of Moulis-en-Médoc, ancient Bordeaux breadbasket, Châteaux Lalaudey and Pomeys have got a unique geographical situation. Smallest appellation of Medoc, Moulis is a strip with several amazing terroirs.

Soil : Tertiary gravels from Pyrenean area (small pieces of quartz and little white pebbles drained at the end of the Tertiary era by a river which meanders came from the Pyrenean moutains).
Wine making : Late harvests in order to get the best maturity of the grappes.
Average age of vines : 20 years old.
Wines from the vineyard are harmonious, generous and charming. Thanks to the terroir, subtle delicateness and power are perfectly mixing. Accessible with a nice bouquet, Châteaux Lalaudey and Pomeys wines have also the amazing capacity to be kept in your cellar which is allowed by noble tannins.

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