Offering aromas of fresh white peach and lemon verbena.


Initially supple on the palate, developing charming pear drop aromas, which in turn impart a charming, zesty quality to the wine. Stunningly complex and well-balanced on the finish.

Growing Conditions

Sauvignon Blanc yield their best results on the premium quality plots located in Saint-Selve, while Semillon flourishes on the sandy-gravel soils of Portets and Podensac, where it reveals its true worth.

Gravely-sand and clay-gravel soils for the Sémillon, clay on limestone for the Sauvignon.

2020 is an early, demanding vintage, which afforded the teams little respite. This was a year defined by nerve-racking disease pressure and contrasting weather. Winter was mild and wet, fully replenishing water reserves in the soils, and followed by a particularly hot spring with plentiful rainfall. The conditions promoted vine growth, and coaxed budburst and flowering to arrive ten to fifteen days in advance, varying from parcel to parcel. The dry summer and lack of water set in later this year, and was also cooler than the norm. From mid-July onwards, the heat triggered perfect maturation in the grapes, while lack of water carries the promise of great complexity. This vintage is defined by the 10-day precociousness, great balance, and terrific aromatic freshness.


We harvest sauvignons and semillons in the morning freshness in order to preserve their natural acidity.


The white grapes, which are predominantly Semillon, are harvested by hand in slatted crates to avoid any damage to the berries. They are then pressed under inert gas to retain the complex aromas and the freshness of the musts.

Alcoholic fermentation in barrels (15% of which are new).


The wines are then aged for 8-9 months. In oak barrels on fine lees, with regular stirring of the lees.


Appealingly bright in colour.

Food Pairing

Perfectly matches poultry (ginea fowl, roasted chicken), fishes (lobster, skate with cream and sauces), crustacean (oysters, crab), and cheese (unpasteurized and mature cheese).