Its attack is frank and soft, its aromatic notes of ripe red fruits, cherry, its elegant and well dosed wood. It is a fresh and subtle vintage.

Growing Conditions

It is through ploughing and manual work (pruning, leaf removal) that we obtain a healthy and resistant plant. The vines are surrounded by a double wild hedge, fruit trees and melliferous flowers, to recreate a balance naturally favorable to prevention.


The harvest was done manually, at perfect maturity.


The wine is bottled at the Château.


The realization of tanks feet, allows the fermentation by the yeasts naturally present on the grape.
The total sulphur level is low: 27 mg/l (maximum rate authorized in viticulture: 160 mg/l) and no other product is added.


The whole wine was put in barrels (French oak) for 18 months and racked every 3 months.


It seduces by its pretty dress with ruby reflections.

Food Pairing

It goes particularly well with grilled or braised beef.