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I joined the family estate in 2000 and started being the farm manager in 2007. In the 80’s, the activities had grown faster with the animals breeding and the mixed farming. Helped by my mother until 2016, the farm activites have changed a lot through years but I’ve always been engaged in envrionmental issues. I think that the fauna has a fundamental role in the pest struggle. This is why I set up alternative practising in 2008 and the farm gradually became Organic Farming certified. Today, I go further in the natural approach and try a new way of cultivation for my vineyard. I sowed plants between the rows in order to improve the structure and the soil composition and I set up bats boxes on the property. I also plan to install tit birdhouses. The Château La Pilar exists since the 90’s and gathers several selected plots on the locality « La Pilar ». We live in the middle of the vineyards with my wife and my two children in a barn which was restored in a ecological way. Pierre POITVEIN