Expressive nose of red fruits, raspberry, dark cherry


A mix of fruitiness and freshness (as typically found in rosé wines), a gorgeous and persistent crunchy taste structure (as also found in light red wines).

Growing Conditions

Clayey-gravelly soil.

➢ Alluvial origin soil composed of clayey surface and white graves subsoil.


➢ Short maceration (24 to 48 hours) which is the main characteristic of a clairet’s typicity. It gives the colour and fruity structure to the wine.

➢ Delicate pressing

➢ Low temperature fermentation at 18 °C to raise its fruitiness. It last 20 days


➢ One part of the production does malolactic fermentation which will decrease acidity and gives rich structure.

➢ The other part will remain chilled at a low temperature to prevent it from fermenting and therefor keeps its nice delicate aroma.

➢ Aging on fines lees for about 4 months develops its delicate and natural taste.

➢ Batch blending will occur after quality control tastings

➢ Cold treatment to stabilize the wine, followed by an early bottling at the beginning of February to preserve all its fruitiness.


Bright cherry

Food Pairing

➢ Ideal: tapas, barbecues, salads, melon

➢ Harmonious: white meats, poultry, dishes with green peppers and/orchorizo, Mediterranean or Asian gastronomy.

➢ Surprising: pan-fried foie gras with mango, osso bucco….