A very complex bouquet of soft vanilla oak and lovely
jammy undertones.


Crunchy and seductive by its fineness and elegance. A
harmonious, powerful and rich meaty wine.

Growing Conditions


➢ This soil brings all the value and originality of this wine: 50 cm of pebbles on a clay subsoil.

➢ The pebbles store the heat during the day and then release it during the night, hence the excellent ripeness of the grapes.

➢ The clayey subsoil ensures a good constant water supply to the vines during the hot summer period, therefor avoiding any risk of excessive hydric stress.


Harvested at maximal maturity, only the tasting of the grapes will define the winemaking work for a finest possible extraction.


Traditional aging period of 12 months in French oak barrels from which 6 months on lees.


Intense garnet to a tawny red brown

Food Pairing

➢ Ideal: game, hung pieces of beef.

➢ Harmonious: Meat and dishes with sauce, duck magret

➢ Surprising: served fresher at 14 °C, as an aperitif, with Iberic ham