Delicate blend of red fruits, black pepper and subtle
vegetal notes typical of cabernet wines.


Sophisticated on the palate. Smooth silky tannins allow
a long delicate finish. The whole combination gives a tasty fruity wine without heaviness, but rich with freshness typical of cabernet franc.

Growing Conditions

Deep gravelly soil


➢ Harvested at optimal maturity to preserve its freshness without the vegetal aroma (typical with unripe Cabernet.)

➢ Low temperature Fermentation, soft and delicate extraction.

➢ 15 days maceration.


Done in inox tank to preserve the purity and original taste of Cabernet Franc. A controlled low oxygen input (during racking of the wine) is observed in order to preserve optimal fruitiness.


Garnet red and violet.

Food Pairing

➢ Ideal: Delicatessen meats, grilled sausage, black pudding, pork pie or very spicy meals.

➢ Harmonious: Pizzas, pasta, quiches, pies.

➢ Surprising: Paella