Fruity and seductive


Beautiful freshness. Light and harmonious, all in finesse.
Elegant and friendly, long finish.

Growing Conditions

Made from specific plots ideal to revealing fruitiness of our grape varieties.


➢ Delicate and smooth pressing, without maceration.

➢ Low temperature fermentation to preserve fruitiness

➢ No malolactic fermentation to preserve its freshness and red fruit notes.


On lees for 2 months to improve the aromatic richness and to round out the presence in mouth.


Attractive pale pink

Food Pairing

➢ Ideal: As an aperitif, melon, summer salads, pizzas, quiches, pies

➢ Harmonious: Mediterranean cuisine, exotic and Asian gastronomy

➢ Surprising: with an osso bucco or aubergines stuffed with peppers