The 2018 White is a fresh, fruity and dry wine.
It has a beautiful full and intensely fruity structure.

Growing Conditions

It is through ploughing and manual work (pruning, leaf removal) that we obtain a healthy and resistant plant. The vines are surrounded by a double wild hedge, fruit trees and melliferous flowers, to recreate a balance naturally favorable to prevention.


The harvest is done manually, in racks, at perfect maturity.
The grapes are sorted, then crushed before being pressed horizontally.


The wine is bottled at the Château.


After fermentation, between 18° and 20°, the wine is racked several times and then aged on the lees.
The total sulphur level is low: 92 mg/l (maximum rate authorized in viticulture: 200 mg/l) and no other product is added.


The sulfur content is very low, it should be drunk in the year.

Food Pairing

It will go particularly well with fish and seafood dishes.