This vintage reveals an intense, explosive bouquet with citrus, white peaches and lychees notes.


Ample and generous, with a very rich aromatic structure and a lovely liveliness on the finish.

Growing Conditions

A mild and rainy winter, a particularly hot month of February and the summer weather in the beginning of spring, the bud break occurred early. The intense frost episode during the nights of April 7 and 8 caused historic damages to the entire French vineyard. The vegetative cycle was very disturbed but hope is reborn with the counter-buds which restart in the last week of April thanks to milder temperatures. The very wet month of June created millerandage and coulure phenomenon, limiting again the harvest potential. Great vigilance in the vineyard allows the grapes to mature in good sanitary conditions despite a complicated climatology.
Thanks to the cool summer the aromatic precursors was preserved giving very expressive juices with a beautiful liveliness.


Beggining of September


Beautiful pale and brilliant color

Food Pairing

Seafood platter
Grilled sole with olive oil sauce