Expressive with aromas of black cherry and blackcurrant enhanced by notes of black pepper


Full and supple wine with black fruits, mocha and spices notes with a long and silky finish.

Growing Conditions

After a cold and rainy winter, the warm, damp summer ensured good fruit set but also rapid development of downy mildew. Thankfully, the subsequent summer was hot and dry, reducing the threat of parasites and allowing the grapes to ripen well. A few hailstorms on 26 May then 4 and 15 July unfortunately had a (very localised) impact on some Bordeaux vineyards.
During the harvest, the thick skins of the red grapes gave ripe and fleshy tannins. The balance between sugar and acidity is remarkable and gives a rich and beautiful vintage.


Beautiful, dense color with ruby highlights.

Food Pairing

Grilled veal chop, Roasted pumpkin, Chocolate Fudge