Elegant bouquet with white peach and toasted almond notes.


On the palate, the 2020 vintage is full-bodied and rich, and develops aromas of quince, pineapple and citrus. Finally, the finish presents a nice freshness with finely toasted notes.


The mild and particularly rainy winter, followed by a wet spring, created a lot of concern but turned out to be a decisive advantage for this vintage! Once the mildew problems had been eliminated, the soft warmth at the end of June provided very favorable conditions for the vineyard’s development. Throughout the sunny summer, the vines had good reserves and has tapped into rich soil. The regular and early flowering, followed by a more spread veraison allowed a homogeneous harvest which took place in the last days of August. With idyllic sanitary conditions and intact fruit, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon produced balanced, fleshy and aromatic juices.


Last days of August


Beautiful shiny, pale yellow color.

Food Pairing

Pike quenelle, lobster,
Veal cutlet with sauce,
Cheese ‘‘Tome de Savoie’’