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A brief history

Born in 1754, Michel Lynch devoted his life to improving the wines on his Lynch-Bages property. A shrewd wine producer, he was one of the prime movers in the viticultural advances at the end of the 17th century, in particular with the early trials of de-stemming (separating the stalk and pips) before fermentation, which subsequently became widespread in Médoc.

Two centuries later, his memory lives on in the name Château Lynch-Bages. And in 1986 the vineyard’s owner, Jean-Michel Cazes, created a new range of quality wines that also bears his name.

Michel Lynch is a selection of wines that faithfully reflect the full diversity and wealth of Bordeaux’s vineyards. They are wines intended for wine-lovers & amateurs wanting to enjoy - without having to wait - a wine embodying the finesse and richness typical of the region, reflecting the best of Bordeaux’s terroirs in an excellent vintage.
Michel Lynch is a quintessential Bordeaux, traditional and moder: easy-drinking wines that are quite simply conducive to conviviality!
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Established in 1984

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