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A brief history

The farm is family owned (purchased by Louis CARTEYRON and his son Jacques in 1855). For many years the production was divided between growing fruits, nectarines / peaches and producing wine.
In 1964 Hubert CARTEYRON, the father of Patrick, the current operator, began marketing Château Penin in bottles.

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Established in 1855

39 impasse Couponne
Libournais, Gironde, France


Château Penin Wines

Featured Wines

Château Penin 18 Natur' Rouge Bottle Preview
Château Penin18 Natur' Rouge

Easy drinking natural wine

Château Penin 20 Excess Rosé Bottle Preview
Château Penin20 Excess Rosé

Your companion for festivities

Château Penin 19 Excess Rouge Bottle Preview
Château Penin19 Excess Rouge

A perfect companion for festivities

Château Penin 16 Les Cailloux Bottle Preview
Château Penin16 Les Cailloux

For special moments, special meals

Château Penin 16 Grande Selection Bottle Preview
Château Penin16 Grande Selection

Authentic elegance

Château Penin 18 La Fleur Penin Bottle Preview
Château Penin18 La Fleur Penin

All in fineness and elegance