The vintage shows all the features of a great wine. A nice nose with a mix of fresh fruits, floral notes and spices. A very beautiful clarity of the fruit.


On the palate, the tannins are polished and round. A nice balance between freshness, fruitiness and a silky tannic structure.

The vintage is both elegant and dense. A very beautiful complexity.

Growing Conditions

Winter was both rainy and dry at the end of the season. From April, the favorable thermal conditions, associated with a correct reloading of water of the soil, contributed to a homogeneous bud bursting. The flowering started at the end of May and was fast with a correct fruit set rate. Summer became very hot from June 25th and the first phase of the veraison was slowed down by these particular dry conditions. The progression of the veraison was pretty slow during the last days of July. These restrictive hydric conditions associated with a warm thermal context allowed the fruit skins to thicken, to concentrate in tannins and a rapid evolution of the pips. From the end of July, the weather conditions changed radically. Indeed we observed a succession of rainy episodes which finally unblocked the veraison. After that, the sunshine allowed to ripen the tannins in a optimal way. They were very elegant.

2015 is a great vintage. The Merlots were exceptional and the Cabernets were able to ripen until the end and their tannins improved highly in September.

- Soil: Deep gravels and coarse sands on limestone

- Plantation: 47 % cabernet sauvignon, 49% merlot, 4% petit verdot

- Density: 10000 plants/ha

- Yield: 1,5 kg/plant

- Growing: In the process for organic and biodynamics certifications


The harvests began on September 16th and ended on October 2nd of 2015.

Hand picking. Main sorting on the plant and additional sorting on table


Traditional. In concrete and wood vats whose volumes are proportional to the plots


In oak barrels during 12 months. New ones at 20 %.