The nose has aromas of ripe fruit with blackcurrant and black cherry. It is fine and elegant. A touch of licorice and cardamom complete it. On the palate, the tannins are ripe and very elegant.


Aromas of black fruits and spices on the palate. The freshness is well integrated and gives a beautiful harmony to the wine. The tannins are velvety and wrapped. The wine is elegant and pleasant to drink.

Growing Conditions

Winter had experienced one of the largest rainfall deficits since 2000. As for the temperatures, there is a contrast between the first part of the winter which was cold and the second part with very mild temperatures. This tempered the budburst which was still relatively early. April was marked by a frost episode of a rare intensity. Temperatures reached negative values, inflicting particularly severe damages on the vineyard. The plots on the ridges, plateaus and near the Gironde have been spared. After this episode, the precocity of vegetative growth was accentuated thanks to the very mild temperatures. The bloom was fast and the berry setting was excellent. Our plots in biodynamic cultivation showed particularly interesting health profiles with sustainably healthy foliage especially after the summer rains and early September when the disease pressure was high. At the time of the harvest, we found that the skin was thick and the seeds ripe. The pulps were aromatic and that the tannins were little astringent. 2017 is characterized by ripe tannins and the wines produced are balanced, aromatic and dense.

- Soil: Deep gravels and coarse sands on limestone

- Plantation: 47 % cabernet sauvignon, 49% merlot, 4% petit verdot

- Density: 10000 plants/ha

- Yield: 2 kg/plant

- Growing: Organic certified and in conversion to biodynamics farming




Traditional Bordeaux style winemaking on medium ageing potential wine


12 months in French oak barrels, 20% of new oak every year