A vintage faithful to its margalais terroir. The nose has aromas of red fruit and some tobacco notes.


The attack is frank with a nice freshness and fine tannins. A certain behavior in the mouth which prolongs the pleasure.

Growing Conditions

Each vintage is unique, it goes without saying, but in 2019 nature offered us a very singular scheme in terms of our history.The 2019 vintage combines strong climatic moments with long periods of very hot weather, in June, July, August but also in September or with small humid periods. As at the beginning of June, the flowering period was cut in half with a very good start and finally a unusual sagging during the berry set. The vintage is clearly marked with the seal of heat and dryness. We could relate the fact as if we had harvested two vintages in one: on the one hand breathless merlots, having undergone the dryness and the heat with very ripe grapes marked by potential degrees except norm and on the other hand, fresher cabernets sauvignon, invigorated by the few rains of the last ten days of September and which expressed a more classic character, well known in Médoc. In the end, very confusing, it was impossible for us, wine-growers to give a correct estimate of the yields, as it was impossible to truly describe it before starting the blending. What will it look like we said to ourselves? The quality of the wines of 2019 evokes two worlds which unite wonderfully; an extraordinary assembly experience for a combination of divine, dense and generous fruits. They were delicately balanced by tight and tasty tannins.

Éric Boissenot Œnologue Docteur en Œnologie et Ampélologie

- Surface of the vineyard: 10 hectares

- Soil: Deep gravels and sand on limestone substrate

- Plantation: 50 % cabernet, 45 % merlot et 5 % petit verdot

- Density: 10000 plants/ha

- Yield: 1 kg/plant

- Growing: Biodynamics farming- The wine is certified




Traditional bordelaise style in concrete and stainless steel vats. Plots selection


12 months in French oak barrels, 20 % of new oak