The nose reveals an intense and complex array of aromas on which macerated black fruit mingles with liquorice and cedarwood.


On the attack, the creamy, silky mouthfeel combines depth, density and supreme elegance, leading into a rich and smooth mid-palate on blackcurrant and bilberry flavours illuminated by attractive freshness over a rounded, refined tannic structure. The harmonious finish is distinguished by lingering fruit flavours and mineral notes.

Growing Conditions

A particularly mild winter and significantly higher than normal temperatures in early spring encouraged early budbreak, about ten days earlier than the long-term average. A snow flurry in late March fortunately had no effect on the vines.
Spring continued to be warmer than usual, with spells of heavy rain, especially in early May. Anticyclonic conditions returned in mid-May, bringing warm and dry weather and significantly accelerating the vegetation cycle, especially during flowering, which occurred 12 days earlier than the average.
Contrasting weather in June gave way to early-summer heatwaves and drought, especially noticeable in July. However, spells of rain in August set off the veraison process and helped the berries to ripen evenly.

The grapes were in perfect condition as picking started. The 2020 harvest was among the earliest on record, favoured by exceptional anticyclonic weather and rising temperatures which brought all grape varieties to full ripeness sooner than usual.

Picking at Château Clerc Milon took place between 9 and 28 September in ideal weather. The grapes were in perfect condition, producing beautifully balanced wines that are very full on the palate, underpinned by powerful yet seamless tannins and displaying great freshness.
Although yields were less than generous, the quality of the wines suggests that the 2020 vintage will be one of the great successes of the decade.


From 9 to 28 September


The wine is a deep cherry red with garnet highlights.