This wine delights the taste buds by its intensity and freshness and by the generosity of its crunchy fruits. Ideal for fans of full, fruity wines.


The grapes are picked between 4 am and noon in order to keep them under 20°C.


The harvested grapes are then transferred to a heat exchanger so that they will reach the press at a temperature close to 10°. The direct pressing method is used, i.e. the maceration takes place directly inside the membrane press. The cycle lasts around 4 hrs. As they leave the press the wines are cooled to 4°C for a period of 5 days in order to consolidate the fruit flavours. Fermentation has then started and lasts around 3 weeks.


This rosé boasts a vibrant color.

Food Pairing

Perfect as an aperitif, but also with summer salads or Mediterranean dishes (grilled red mullet, Provencal vegetable tart, marinated peppers, etc.).