Expressive and delicate bouquet of redcurrant and morello cherry.


A balanced, crunchy attack on the palate. The summer fruits and cassis notes are elegant, backing up a mid-palate offering suppleness and fine substance.

Growing Conditions

The vineyard of Château Dorléac is in the municipality of Portets. Standing on a single stretch on one of the best gravelly hilltops in the area, the vineyard's location is exceptional. The vines grow in silica-pebble soils ensuring perfect drainage and low water content, allowing the vines to express themselves fully. This ideal vineyard produces grapes of very good quality. The Merlot is the dominant variety and is perfectly suited to the terroir of the Château Dorléc, producing wines that are highly aromatic, flavoursome and intense on both the nose and the palate.

- Soil types : Deep gravel
- Age of the vines: 14 years
- Surface area of the vineyard: 10.86 hectares
- Planting density: 5500 vines/hectare
- Vine-growing: "Guyot Simple" pruning with a low number of buds in order to control yields. Mechanical and manual harvesting.




The wines are crafted by the Barbe Lapouge family in a winery where everything has been done to produce modern, elegant wines.

Once de-stemmed and crushed, the grapes are transferred to vats where the alcoholic fermentation takes place, followed by the malolactic fermentation. When these phases are complete, the wine is racked several times, then blended and matured until bottling.


A deep crimson colour.

Food Pairing

Serve with roasted poultry, veal escalope or roast pork with prunes.