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Pierre Jean Larraqué, the historical subsidiary of the Larraqué Vins International group, is entirely dedicated to terroir activities. It distributes the wines of Château Vernous, Château Le Virou, Château Barre Gentillot, Château de Barre, Château Senau and Château Grand Marceaux, its six estates.

It also supports the development of terroir brands with the Pierre Jean Larraqué signature, as well as the sourcing of Bordeaux château wines.
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Pierre Jean Larraqué Château le Virou - Vieilles Vignes Bottle Preview
Pierre Jean LarraquéChâteau le Virou - Vieilles Vignes

Château le Virou is a place steeped in history. Today the largest estate in Europe with 100 hectares enclosed by walls, It has taken centuries for this domain to develop, flourish, and become the property we now know today. The soul of Le Virou dates back to the 17th century. The property was one of two gathering locations for the monks hailing from the Catholic order named « L’Ordre des Carmes Déchaussées». For almost two centuries, they built this vast monastery, a chapel and built numerous underground passages that connect Le Virou to the various strategic points of the region. Pierre Jean Larraqué places great importance in the history and the stories behind his properties. In his eyes, these world heritage sites are to be cherished and shared with the rest of the world. Through his wines, he shares the unique blend and flavors of his property to future generations. Château Le Virou not only imparts the work and patience acquired through centuries of history, but also a taste of excellence.

Pierre Jean Larraqué Château Vernous - Médoc Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Pierre Jean LarraquéChâteau Vernous - Médoc Cru Bourgeois

Built in 1749, Château Vernous is a typical Medoc property, located in the north of the department, between the estuary of Gironde and the Atlantic Ocean. Around 1830, Château Vernous was mostly a hunting appointment. Occupied and then abandoned by the Germans during the Second World War, Château Vernous then belonged to famous wine houses such as Champagnes Deutz. In 1998, Pierre Jean Larraqué acquired it and gave new dynamics to this sleeping beauty. Château Vernous starts its rebirth following the development strategy of this man of terroir. Three hectares of vines are replanted, an additional 4 hectares are bought from the neighboring château. Today the vineyard measures 42 hectares. The meticulous work in the cellars and on the exterior of the estate embellished the property, making it progressively regain it’s former glory.