The nose is subtel and reveals initial aromas of tropical fruit before leading into notes of gingerbread and candied citrus fruit, with a spicy, lightly toasted bouquet from barrel ageing.


The attack is smooth, the palate powerful with great freshness. The bouquet from barrel ageing is again apparent, and notes of Botrytis. The long finish reveals candied fruit and spices. Castelnau de Suduiraut 2016 is still very young, and will come into its own in a year or two. Decantation for an hour will be beneficial if you wish to enjoy it now.

Growing Conditions

Years come and go, and no two are ever alike. After a very dry 2015 vintage, 2016 was characterised by a damp beginning to the year: the first four months of 2016 saw the equivalent of the entire rainfall of 2015. The sun returned from June onwards and nature quickly made up for lost time. Warm, dry weather set in for three months from July, resulting in water stress which delayed the harvest, but the old vines withstood the conditions with ease.


The harvest period ran from 22nd September to 9th November, with four selective pickings in total. A welcome storm on 20th September triggered botrytis which allowed the first selective picking to be performed on 22nd September. The summer's very hot and dry weather dried out the grapes in various areas. We harvested the plots most heavily affected by this form of concentration from 22nd to 28th September and from 4th to 7th October. The batches were rich and offered vital acidity. The second selective picking began on 11th October following a second period of rainfall, and the third was staggered with its predecessor until the end of the month. The last two weeks offered the highest quality and the most prolific quantity, with more than 75 % of the harvest being gathered during this period. We began the final selective picking in early November, finishing on the 9th of the month.

The 2016 harvest was generous at more than 22 hl/ha and is extremely promising, complex, rich and gourmand.


50 % in new barrels
50 % from barrels of one vintage, for 16 to 18 months


Castelnau de Suduiraut 2016 has a beautiful golden yellow colour.