Aromas of candied yellow fruit, quince, frangipani, mild spices and a hint of minerality is more approachable when young in terms of tasting than its elder.

Growing Conditions

The weather in 2017 was generally warm and dry. Spring was normal, with an early bud break. This earliness was jeopardised by frost on two occasions: on 21st and 27th April. The periphery of our vineyard, about 25-30% in all, was affected.

The meteorological conditions caused discrepancies in vine growth, with almost a month's difference from one plot to another. There was also heavy rainfall in May and early June. Summer was hopefully warm and dry. A bit of rain helped the grapes to ripen, and the vineyard reached maturity one week earlier than expected.


The grape harvest took place from 26th September to 19th October with a total of three selective pickings.

Botrytis developed well in early September thanks to the rain on 3rd and 10th September. However, concentration progressed slowly due to significant humidity. We began the first selective picking on 26th September, lasting for 15 days according to the different plots. The weather subsequently became increasingly clement, and second selective picking started while the first was still taking place. We obtained concentrated must and a generous quantity of 10 hectolitres per hectare, on average. This was the middle of the harvest.

The third selective picking took place concurrently with the previous one, allowing us to finish this harvest rapidly, on 19th October. Volumes were lower but concentration remained high.

In the end we had a yield of 15 hectolitres per hectare.


23% in new barrels
77% from barrels of one vintage, for 15 months