A gravelly freshness to the nose, with some savoury elements, smoky and minerally.


Sweet, warm, graceful, expressive. This small zone’s harmony and rightness is evident in this wine’s aroma: calm, soft, nourishing, teasing and easeful. This is pure, smooth, singing and lyrical: lovely plum and bramble fruits, weighed down with gorgeous Merlot tannins.

Growing Conditions

The 2015 vintage began with the water tables nicely replenished. The particularly hot and sunny weather of early April set off a rapid and regular bud-burst. This exceptional homogeneity was to continue through the other stages of the vine’s development this year. The beautiful weather at the end of May and early June allowed the flowering to take place quickly and evenly for each of the different grape varieties. All the key stages proceeded in ideal conditions. As this incredibly beautiful weather stayed with us, we observed a moderate to high hydric stress from July, very beneficial at this stage for the synthesis of the polyphenol precursors. The welcome rainfall at the end of July and through early August arrived just in time to allow a quick and even colour change. After the alternating sunny periods and stormy rain showers of August, the ripening process continued through a mild and quite dry month of September, ensuring the grapes maintained a great concentration and wonderful aromatic freshness.


17th September to 5th October 2015


The élevage was in one year in oak barrels, using just 15% new oak.