Despite the wine being recently bottled, the nose reveals complexity accompanied by superb freshness.


Initially reserved, the palate develops excellent body and substance with precise, harmonious tannins. The Cabernet Franc, which plays a decisive role in the blend, brings a vital freshness to this vintage. This wine will be fully open within 10 years but possesses a much longer ageing potential.

Growing Conditions

On the eve of the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the acquisition of Château Lafite by the Rothschild family, our teams faced major challenges due to the capricious weather conditions. From December to July, unremitting rain increased the risk of mildew and hail. The summer only really started in mid-July with very high, sometimes extreme heat, which helped to restore the vines’ health and set us on the path to a great vintage.

New measures were taken to improve the selection of the batches in the Carruades vineyard for the 2018 vintage. Every possible effort was made to achieve greater precision and potential in the final blend.


16 to 20 months, 80% in oak barrels (10% new).


Beautiful deep, dark colour.