The nose is still quite closed but suggests tremendous depth. Aromas of black and red fruit, and cedar, characteristic of Lafite’s wines, then emerge.


On the palate, the attack is impressive thanks to a remarkable blend that expresses its full harmony and power in a long, fresh finish.

Growing Conditions

On the eve of the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the acquisition of Château Lafite by the Rothschild family, our teams faced major challenges due to the capricious weather conditions. From December to July, unremitting rain increased the risk of mildew and hail. The summer only really started in mid-July with very high, sometimes extreme heat, which helped to restore the vines’ health and set us on the path to a great vintage.

After the exceptionally challenging start to the growth cycle, our fears turned to joy during the final weeks as we saw 2018 developing the qualities of a magnificent vintage.


When it came to the harvests, we were able to focus solely on obtaining optimal ripeness. The perfect health of the grapes enabled us to apply rigorous standards to the quality of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which proved to be exceptional.


18 to 20 months in 100% new barrels.


Dark colour with glints of purple giving the wine a bright, lively appearance.

Food Pairing

This was an unusual year, and yet Lafite managed to demonstrate its extraordinary potential while at the same time keeping its balance and elegance.