Notes of camphor, licorice and black currants.


Warm and fruity, this has the right amount of wood and sweetly ripe blackberry flavor. It is certainly structured, but the generous texture balances it, making it likely to age into a full, ripe character.

Growing Conditions

A spring marked by beautiful months of April and May without rain, a cold and rainy June gave a half-flowering a little early (June 10). The summer weather was very good, marked by severe drought and limited rainfall of 9 mm in July and 15 mm in August, with temperatures a little lower than normal. The half-veraison on August 15th and the veraison on August 20th were very regular. September was beautiful, hot and dry, fortunately 30mm fell on September 8 to promote maturity and 11mm on September 24th. With this dry weather the berries were 20 to 25% smaller than normal with sugar wealth announcing up to 14° of probable alcohol. This important concentration in tastes and flavors required waiting a little more to obtain a good maturity with melted tannins.

- Sustainable viticulture: Terra Vitis
- Soil type: Gravelly Pyrenean soil covering a limestone subsoil.
- Area: 32 hectares

The vines are cultivated according to environmentally friendly growing
practices, respecting both the plant and its environment. Vine care constantly
ensures that a balance is maintained between the plant and its environment in view
of achieving well-aired foliage and a regular load of grapes, which gradually ripen in
the sunshine. Depending on their nature, the parcels are ploughed or grassed over
between the rows.


The Merlots were harvested between October 4th and 12th. The Petit Verdots on the 19th and
12th of October. The Cabernets Sauvignons started on October 18th ended on the 21st.


A strict selection of the parcels and the grapes takes place
during the harvest. After a gentle crushing and destemming of the grapes, the must
is put into small-thermoregulated vats ensuring that the fermentations are perfectly
controlled, bringing out the expression, the richness and the nuances of each plot.
The vatting period lasts 20 to 25 days depending on the vintage.

The fermentations went smoothly despite the high sugar content and the first vats quickly revealed vibrant fruit aromas, a very harmonious structure with very smooth tannins that allowed them to macerate between 22 and 30 days.


Maturing lasts around 12 months in merrian oak barrels, a 1/3 of which are
replaced each year. We then undertake the final blending before bottling at the

The aging in barrels came to perfect this beautiful vintage, which after a few years of bottles, holds all its promises!

- 30% new oak barrels


An attractive dark ruby-color.