The bouquet is very well defined with supremely well-integrated oak that allows the terroir to show through. There is a subtle Margaux-like floral scent coming through.


The wines are colorful, have a beautiful structure with soft tannins, suggesting a very nice evolution in bottle.The mouth is full, both lively, round and melted.

The palate is very well balanced with fine tannins and a very good backbone. This Fonréaud is one of the most precise that I have tasted and there is tangible tension all the way through to the refined finish.

A brilliant wine!

Growing Conditions

Original climatic conditions gave the vintage its character:

A sweet and humid period from January to June 2016: More than 800 mm fall in 6 months (equivalent of 12 months of precipitation). The vineyard takes the opportunity to grow well.Mid-June, a favorable weather window allows the flower to happen in good conditions. The month of June marks the beginning of a dry and very hot summer: Three months of summer without water. Our clay-limestone subsoil have been beneficial in avoiding to our vines the water stress that could have been induced by these conditions.A beautiful autumn allows to reach the optimal maturity.

- Sustainable viticulture: Terra Vitis
- Soil type: Gravelly Pyrenean soil covering a limestone subsoil.
- Area: 32 hectares

The vines are cultivated according to environmentally friendly growing
practices, respecting both the plant and its environment. Vine care constantly
ensures that a balance is maintained between the plant and its environment in view
of achieving well-aired foliage and a regular load of grapes, which gradually ripen in
the sunshine. Depending on their nature, the parcels are ploughed or grassed over
between the rows.


Warm, sunny days and cool nights that refine the tannins allow us to harvest until October 17th.


Alcoholic fermentations were made by focusing on the extraction of the fruit.

A strict selection of the parcels and the grapes takes place
during the harvest. After a gentle crushing and destemming of the grapes, the must
is put into small-thermoregulated vats ensuring that the fermentations are perfectly
controlled, bringing out the expression, the richness and the nuances of each plot.
The vatting period lasts 20 to 25 days depending on the vintage.


Maturing lasts around 12 months in merrian oak barrels, a 1/3 of which are
replaced each year. We then undertake the final blending before bottling at the
chateau .

- 30% new oak barrels


Deep crimson.