The nose is pure and elegant, with primary notes of bigarreau cherry, raspberry and lightly spiced forest fruits, followed by notes of macerated cherry (alcohol 14%). All these flavours are accompanied by a subtle undertone of vanilla. At this early stage in the ageing process (2 months), the nose evolves very quickly.


On the mouth, I note two main sensations: above all, a delicate and silky attack with a persistence characteristic of this 2014 vintage, then a long finish which already indicates that this blend will develop well over time. The tannic qualities are pleasant: extremely delicate with a highly satisfying ‘gritty’ texture on the finish.

Growing Conditions

2014 started very early after a mild and very wet winter, a rainy spring, and flowering towards the end of May. May and June were fairly dry, then the ‘veraison’ (when the grapes change colour) took place during a rather stormy summer period. Meticulous work was carried out in the vineyard and rewarded by a dry end of the summer, which proved very beneficial for this 2014 vintage.


The wine has a purple-red colour with a medium density and bright red glints thanks to this vintage’s remarkable acidity levels (PH 3.60).