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Château de Fieuzal

A brief history

The richness of our terroir is given not only by the soil beneath our feet and the weather overhead but by everything in between. From the moment you’re stood in the vines everything around you is terroir - there’s nothing technical about it. As we strive to make wines that surpass the limits of objectivity, the boundaries of what constitutes Fieuzal as a place go beyond the buildings and the plots of vines.

Our winemaker, Stephen Carrier, believes that to truly express Fieuzal’s terroir, we must express all of it: the natural vibrancy; the human emotion; the artistic courage. And so that we may carry on doing so, we must work equally hard to preserve every aspect that defines the place that enables us to produce.

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124 avenue de Mont de Marsan GPS 44°42’51.1″N 0°36’22.7″W
France, Gironde


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