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A brief history

More than 400 years of history and traditions. Château d’Arche is located in the heart of the village of Sauternes, the most famous of the five villages where Sauternes an exceptional wine is produced in the world.
Located 40km south of Bordeaux, the specificity of the vineyard is created by the Garonne and the Ciron rivers. The meeting of the cold waters of the Ciron and the warmer waters of the Garonne generates from the end of the summer a morning fog providing optimal humidity. The dry weather in the afternoon dries out the grapes and concentrates the aromas.

Château d'Arche Wines

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Château d'Arche Soleil D'Arche Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcheSoleil D'Arche

Second wine of Château d’Arche. This wine makes the difference with its resolutely moderne Bottle.

Château d'Arche Arche Lafaurie Cuvée Exceptionnelle Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcheArche Lafaurie Cuvée Exceptionnelle

"Arche Lafaurie" is an exceptional micro-cuvée made from the greatest terroirs of Château d'Arche, historically located in front of the château on south-facing valleys. Historically called "Crème de tête", this wine is produced from the first selection of the harvest where only the grapes most affected by noble rot are meticulously picked. The result is a complex wine of extreme richness produced in very small quantities only when the vintage allows it. This cuvée, produced in 50cl bottles, is a tribute to Pierre Lafaurie, who was the owner of Château d'Arche and who contributed to its classification in 1855.

Château d'Arche A du Château d'Arche White Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcheA du Château d'Arche White

"A" of Château d'Arche is a Bordeaux appellation dry wine produced by Château d'Arche, Grand cru classé de Sauternes in 1855. Blended from 85% Semillon, the emblematic grape variety of Sauternes, and 15% Sauvignon, hand- picked, this wine reflects all the typicity of its terroir. Harvested on the verge of botrytisation, these grapes offer an exceptional aromatic base that is not unlike the notes of our great Sauternes. Its maturing on fine lees half in vats and half in barrels, 20% of which are new and 30% in Sauternes wine barrels, will only reinforce its identity and aromatic power.

Château d'Arche Château Padouen Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcheChâteau Padouen

Second wine of Château d'Arche

Château d'Arche Château D'Arche Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcheChâteau D'Arche

Recognized for its exceptional elegance and equality by the most famous wine critics in the world, the great wine of Château d'Arche is like its terroir : rare, timeless and vibrant.

Château d'Arche A du Château d'Arche Rosé Bottle Preview
Château d'ArcheA du Château d'Arche Rosé

“A” of Château d’Arche is a Bordeaux appellation rosé wine produced by Château d’Arche, Grand cru classé de Sauternes in 1855. It is made from the direct pressing of 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon planted on a small, late-slope terroir of Graves, on a silty-gravelly soil with astery-limestone at the top. Fermented in stainless steel vats and then partially matured in Sauternes barrels at Château d’Arche, this dry, fresh and tangy rosé has unique aromatic characteristics.