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A brief history

Jacques Meynard, passionate winegrower, is the fourth generation running the property. His great-grandfather bought the Château les Valentons in 1916, in Saint Loubès, a small village near Bordeaux. The winery changed of name throughout the years, becoming Clos des Valentons then Château des Valentons-Canteloup. The family finally bought another winery just next to the Valentons, named Château Bois Malot.

Jacques has his heart set on doing well in his job, loving both the traditions, the savoir-faire his parents passed down to him, and the creation process. He constantly develops and improves his wines, creating new cuvées.

He produces wines with AOC: "Bordeaux Supérieur" for the red ones and "Bordeaux Blanc" for the dry white ones. He also produces "Bordeaux Moelleux", "Bordeaux Clairet" and "Bordeaux Rosé".

His methods respect the environment, given that he grows his vines in responsible farming.

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Established in 1916

JACQUES MEYNARD Viticulteur 133 Route des Valentons
France, Gironde


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