The Médoc

Known as the Left Bank, the Médoc focuses on structured Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines. The world's most iconic, age-worthy, and expensive wines are from here.

With the highest concentration of gravel of any place in Bordeaux, this area is perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon. Well drained soils, and the extra warmth the gravel gives, makes this the ideal place to ripen this variety.

You'll find structured wines here with flavors of cassis, mint, and tobacco, many of which need years, if not decades, in a cellar before enjoying.

Château Beaumont in Haut Médoc The path leading into the estate vineyard at Château Beaumont in Haut Médoc.

Margaux - Looking for elegance and perfumed Cabernet Sauvignon that evolves and improves over time? Look no further than Margaux. With more classed growths than any other AC, there's lots to discover.

Saint-Julien - The smallest, and often over-looked commune in the Médoc, St. Julien has the highest concentration of classed growths producing Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines with structured yet silky tannins and a mixture of power and elegance.

Pauillac - All about powerful, age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines grown on gravel soils. With the greatest number of First Growths, it's a must know when learning about Bordeaux.

Saint-Estèphe - Robust, rustic, powerful. These are the cellar-worthy wines of the northern-most commune. If you have time to let these wines unwind in your cellar, you won't be disappointed.

Haut-Médoc - Often overlooked, Haut-Médoc has a range of red wine styles from age-worthy, Cabernet-dominant wines and easier drinking, ready to drink Merlot-based wines. Combines high quality and value.

Check out these other appellations within the Left Bank that can offer some great value! Merlot-dominant wines that don't need as much time in a cellar in order to be enjoyed.

Selected Left Bank - Médoc Wines

Château Leoville Poyferre Château Moulin Riche Bottle Preview
Château Leoville PoyferreChâteau Moulin Riche

Barton & Guestier - Château Magnol M de Magnol Bottle Preview
Barton & Guestier - Château MagnolM de Magnol

Barton & Guestier - Château Magnol Barton & Guestier Margaux - Terrasses des Dames Bottle Preview
Barton & Guestier - Château MagnolBarton & Guestier Margaux - Terrasses des Dames

Château Saint-Pierre de Corbian Château Saint-Pierre de Corbian Cru Bourgeois Bottle Preview
Château Saint-Pierre de CorbianChâteau Saint-Pierre de Corbian Cru Bourgeois

Château d'Hanteillan Château Hanteillan Bottle Preview
Château d'HanteillanChâteau Hanteillan

Château La Gorce Château La Gorce Bottle Preview
Château La GorceChâteau La Gorce