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A brief history

Welcome to the heart of the Médoc, a name synonymous with joie de vivre amid the great Bordeaux wine region. Our estate and your wine are part of a special history within a bucolic setting 35 km from Bordeaux. At the beginning of the 13th century, vines appeared at the locality of “Fourcas”, as noted in the cartographic work by the geographer Pierre de Belleyme during the reign of Louis XV. The name “Fourcas Dupré” came into being in 1843 when Maître Jean Antoine Dupré became the owner. Taken over by the Pagès family in 1970, the estate continued to uphold the same ethos of precision, expertise and passion.
In 2019, Breton entrepreneur Gérard Jicquel purchased the estate. A long-time wine afficionado, he has a strong passion for Bordeaux wines.
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