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Vignobles de Larose Route de Pauillac CS30200
France, Gironde


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Vignobles de Larose L'Experience Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseL'Experience

This vat with no added sulphites, which was intended for blending to reduce the overall level of sulphites, proved to be so astonishingly fresh, delightful and balanced that we chose to bottle it just as it was, without any barrel ageing or fining. It is ready to drink now, and its ageing potential remains as yet untested…

Vignobles de Larose Château Arnauld Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Arnauld

Very nice deep ruby colour, dazzling. Nose of black cherry, salted caramel, gingerbread. Full and indulgent on the palate with notes of brioche. Very nice impression of sweetness. Harmonious and generous overall, ending with an elegant and smooth finish.

Vignobles de Larose Château Larose Trintaudon Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Larose Trintaudon

Dark and very intense colour of deep ruby. Ripe aromas of small black fruit dominate (blackcurrant, blackberry), though with good freshness. The palate is fleshy, with a nice touch of tannin. Long, caressing finish. To be watched during ageing, which will seek to bring out the harmony and the balance.

Vignobles de Larose Château Larose Perganson Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Larose Perganson

Very deep, dark ruby colour with nice shimmering reflections. The nose combines notes of beeswax, cinnamon stick, Madagascar vanilla and liquorice. The palate is marked by an almost perfect balance and overall indulgence. The finish is already smooth, with complex aromas of black fruit, bramble. A vintage that is already attractive with its harmonious, smooth and very aromatic profile. To be decanted 2 hours before tasting

Vignobles de Larose Château Tour de Pez Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseChâteau Tour de Pez

Deep ruby red, with aromas of fresh red fruit thanks to a dominant proportion of Merlot. Delicately full and round in the mouth with tannins of great fi nesse that confer charm and grace. The balance is impeccable in this wine of pure pleasure that reveals a delightfully juicy and superbly silky finish.

Vignobles de Larose L'inattendu Bottle Preview
Vignobles de LaroseL'inattendu

Intense deep ruby red. An absolute basket of flowers and fruit in the glass. An outstandingly smooth middle palate and good tension and structure with superbly textured tannins. Unexpected and sustainable!