Clara is a rosé wine made from the same Saint Emilion vines as are used to produce Clos Dubreuil. This wine is obtained from juice that is run off when the Clos Dubreuil is in vats, which explains its concentrated red fruit and dark berry flavours. To clarify the juice, it is then allowed to settle twice at 2˚C before being transferred to 100% new barrels for fermentation. This takes place at a maximum temperature of 12˚C in order to preserve the fruit flavours. Clara is then racked every day until the end of its 6 to 8 month ageing period. This racking gives the wine exceptional body and astonishing complexity. The wine is vinified in the same way as a great white wine.

Food Pairing

Clara is ideal paired with smoked salmon or a fruity, well-matured Normandy Camembert: an unusual but delightful and surprising experience for your taste buds!