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A brief history

Château Suduiraut, Premier Cru Classé in 1855, is one of the great historic vineyards of Sauternes. A rigorous selection in the vineyard and in the cellars ensures the production of Château Suduiraut's wines, which are the accomplished expression of this exceptional terroir.

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France, Gironde


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Château Suduiraut Lions de Suduiraut Bottle Preview
Château SuduirautLions de Suduiraut

Lions de Suduiraut has been specifically designed to reveal the pleasures of tasting Sauternes wines. With a specific blending style made of Semillon and Sauvignon blanc, it gives a unique personality to the wine. Smooth, subtel, fresh and mineral, with a creative profile, Lions de Suduiraut is modern and pleasant to taste young.

Château Suduiraut S de Suduiraut Bottle Preview
Château SuduirautS de Suduiraut

S de Suduiraut vieilles vignes is the dry white wine we have made at Château Suduiraut since 2004. It is produced with Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the estate's oldest vines, planted on gravelly soil in the Sauternes region. The wine is dry, with floral and white fruit aromas. S de Suduiraut vieilles vignes is intense and mineral on the palate, with a slight oakiness.

Château Suduiraut Château Suduiraut Premier Cru Classé 1855 Bottle Preview
Château SuduirautChâteau Suduiraut Premier Cru Classé 1855

Château Suduiraut, classed as a Premier Cru in 1855, is made from grapes selected from the finest terroirs of the property. This wine is handcrafted at every stage of its elaboration and reveals a remarkable complexity and a golden colour reminiscent of the sun. With age the bright gold evolves into a dark amber colour. With an extensive life-span, it powerfully and harmoniously combines fruit and floral aromas with roasted and candied notes.

Château Suduiraut Blanc Sec De Suduirat Bottle Preview
Château SuduirautBlanc Sec De Suduirat

Our gourmand and fresh Blanc Sec de Suduiraut offers an immediate pleasure. Its bright aromatic expression makes it an ideal wine to be savoured in its youth, earlier than S de Suduiraut Vieilles Vignes. To produce this wine, we selected a specific plot of Château Suduiraut vineyard, planted mainly with Semillon vines. Our fine gravel and sandy terroir brings out fruit aromas and a beautiful freshness to the wine.

Château Suduiraut Castelnau de Suduiraut Bottle Preview
Château SuduirautCastelnau de Suduiraut

Castelnau de Suduiraut is a wine with a distinctive character for which the groundwork is prepared far in advance, even down to the choice of specific plots to give it its own unique identity. Made from portions of the harvest that are expressive earlier than those used for Château Suduiraut, this wine with aromas of candied yellow fruit, quince, frangipani, mild spices and a hint of minerality is more approachable when young in terms of tasting than its elder.