The aromatic and delicate nose is all in shades, it reveals white fruit and floral notes like acacia flower, lime, as well as very fine citrus zest.


In the mouth, the attack is sharp, the aromatic complexity is maintained, the middle of the mouth is structured with a beautiful tension that lengthens the finish.

The wine discovers everything in delicacy and finesse with a balance typical of Sigalas without overwhelming sugar.

Growing Conditions

The months of July and August were particularly hot, this accelerated the maturity of the grapes. Then, the still warm and dry Indian Summer allowed the grapes to mature but delaying the Noble Rot installation. Our patience was challenged.


We expected it like the messiah, the Noble Rot finally arrived the last week of September. An indulgent weather followed, the harvest was then carried out in ideal conditions.
Five grape selections from 8 October to 30 October on grapes of perfect maturity benefiting from a very beautiful attack of botrytis. With such a high harvest quality, Sigalas Rabaud was able to express all the potential of this 2018 vintage.


18 months in French oak barrels.