2017 wine reveals its terroir's freshness and floral aromas due to its limestone terroir. I


t is more elegant than during sunny vintages, it would be appreciated younger, because of the smooth and soft tannins and its fresh fruit flavours.

Growing Conditions

Clay on superficial limestone flagstone, Carbonated clay, Clay-sandy gravel from alluvial terraces


Mechanical harvesting, as close as possible to maturity, checked by analyses and tastings of all parcels 2 or 3 times a week. Selection is performed by a vibrating reception hopper and on a manual sorting table managed by 3 sorters and a roller sorter. Harvests from 16th of September to 6th of October


Between 60 and 100% of the wine is matured in barrel: 1/3 in new, 1/3 in one-wine and 1/3 in two-wines; between 0 et 40% is matured in uncoated concrete tanks.

Maturation process lasts from 10 to 14 months.