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A brief history

Château Luchey-Halde has been reborn: it was once one of the most reputable vineyards in the Mérignac area and has now been totally recreated by Bordeaux Sciences Agro (the National School of Agronomic Sciences). Château Luchey-Halde uses technology and innovation at the service of tradition. Whether it is in the vineyard or the cellars the Château takes advantage of the knowledge and expertise brought by the school.
Château Luchey-Halde prepares and transmits tomorrow’s agriculture.
Château Luchey-Halde makes top quality wines that are accessible to everyone. The wines are fine and subtle and will accompany all your happy and shared moments.
Château Luchey-Halde also has a dynamic and passionate team at your service!
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Established in 1999

17 avenue du Maréchal Joffre
France, Gironde

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