The nose is elegant with notes of citrus fruits (lemon), summer fruits (peach) and fresh hazelnut.


This wine offers a remarkable sensation on the palate. With its round, smooth aromas of ripe fruit. An intensely fresh and lively finish.

Growing Conditions

Nature of the soil: Clay-limestone soil on the eastern slopes of the property, offering good natural drainage with optimum exposure for our white grape varieties.

Pruning: Double Guyot system for the Sauvignon Blanc and Cordon pruning for the Sémillon

Density of planting: 7,200 feet/ha

Vineyard management: Traditional Methods. Sustainable Vine Protection.

Green Harvesting by hand: desuckering, excess bud removal, leaf thinning, removal of excess shoots.

2018 was a year marked by a spell of frost in April, and followed in quick succession by an episode of hail on the 26th of May. The year was also marked by heavy downpours in Spring before to get better conditions from the flowering. Despite the attack of mildew at the beginning of the summer in certain parcels of red vines, the sunny period from July through to the beginning of October truly saved the vintage and guaranteed a good ripening of the grapes.

Vine cycle:

- Budbreak: from the 2nd to the 9th of April
- Flowering: from the 28th of May to the 3rd of June (full flower: the 31st of May)
- Berry set: from the 25th to the 31st of June
- Veraison: from the 27th of July to the 18th of August


The harvest began on the 28th of August with the whites and finished on the 13th of September.

- Plot by plot handpicking, in small crates
- Sauvignon Blanc: from the 28th of August to the 11th of September
- Sémillon: from the 7th to the 13th of September


At the Château, in March 2020 – 37,000 bottles


Alcoholic fermentation in oak barrel


15 months on lees, whose 11 months in French oak barrels. New barrels: 25%


Pale yellow, with green highlights.

Food Pairing

Above 10°C / 50°F for young wines. Between 12°C / 53°F and 14°C / 57°F, after 4-5 years of aging.